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  Why Our Boot Camp  
  Just a few reasons to join Boxing Boot Camp. If you are still not convinced that this is the best way in assisting you reach your fitness goals, then read the ‘Key Reasons to Join Boxing Boot Camp
  1) Boxing training sessions burn between 700 to 1000 calories per session

2) Our boxing training is a great way to increase not only cardiovascular fitness but also strength

3) Unique programming which creates metabolic conditioning; burning fat both in and out of training

4) Boot camp style structure. No fancy machines or false promises; just results based training

5) Practical self defence techniques are taught. Learn to protect and increase confidence in your presence all while staying within the parameters of fitness training. Greatly increase fitness, whilst also learning

6) Learn fitness training techniques which you can apply in your own training

7) Opportunity to progress. The FightFit Boxing model provides a self paced levels in Standard, Advanced and Ultimate.

8) Experience a unique training style. Predominately Western Boxing, but also containing elements of Mixed Martial Arts, in turn creating an exceptional, but natural, full body workout

9) A boxing performance method in FightFit Boxing, real combat sport for real fitness. This is NOT a boxercise class

10) Most of all boxing is fun. No boxing running or strung out exercises. Just practical and effective trainin
‘Over two Boxing Boot Camp programs I have lost 10kgs, increased my over all fitness and really toned up. People have been noticing the difference in my appearance and asking me what I have been doing differently and it’s attending Gav’s classes that has done it for me. The Strike classes are full of variety, fun and have a focus on real boxing technique; you really get a practical understanding of the sport as well gaining all the fitness benefits. Best fitness decision I have made.’

- Sheree O

‘Gavin’s boxing training sessions surpass any others I’ve experienced in similar boot camps across Canberra’

- Amelia H

'Since joining Boxing Boot Camp I have lost over 6 kilos and my weight is still dropping. Aside from the obvious weight loss the benefits of his style of training are increased strength, flexibility, confidence and improved body awareness. The drills he uses are practical and improve fitness whilst cultivating the fundamental skills needed in boxing.'

- Amar D
A boxing fitness training program set in a boot camp structure. Participants will increase levels of fitness utilising boxing training methods, as well as learn and apply basic boxing skills in a non intimidating environment. The Boxing Boot Camp through Gym Victus is a unique boot camp program. Sessions will primarily take place outdoors in the scenic setting of Parkes Place, Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin. Boxing Boot Camp is the ultimate, results based boot camp fitness program.
Boxing Boot Camp is a fitness training program of Gym Victus
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Canberra Boot Camp | Boxing Boot Camp | Boot Camp Fitness | Canberra Fitness Training
Group Exercise Program | Boxing Fitness | Canberra Fitness Program