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  Key Reasons to Join Boxing Boot Camp
  Just a few reasons to join Boxing Boot Camp. If you are still not convinced that this is the best way in assisting you reach your fitness goals, then read ‘Why Boxing Boot Camp


Opportunity to Progress
Many boot camp operators will offer boot camp programs at different times and venues, with a main target of participation – and essentially revenue. People may complete program and gain fitness, but then the question is what’s next?

Boxing Boot Camp is built on a structure when all participants are trained towards reaching the next level – and that means results for their fitness training. Otherwise what is the purpose?

The FightFit Boxing program is an advanced version of Boxing Boot Camp and is designed essentially for those progressing from the standard program. FightFit Boxing is a limited numbers program and involves advanced training methods.

Trainer Focus
Boxing Boot Camp is operated by Gavin Stone through Stone Training. The aim of Stone Training is to understand each individual’s ability and requirements, make appropriate adjustments, and help them get to that next level of training.

Real Boot Camp Fitness Training

Firstly, Boot Camp style programs have become very popular, however they essentially fall into three categories;

1) Programs which call themselves ‘Boot Camps’ but are essentially outdoor fitness classes. They offer no ‘end game’ (what is the end result from the camp?); using basic programming that you would find in a gym or circuit class. They use the name boot camp simply to entice participation.

2) Boot Camp which are simply ‘smash’ sessions. Sessions which are operated by inexperienced trainers whose goal is to simply make participants vomit or give up. Dangerous and unsuitable training for results based fitness.

3) Real Boot Camp programs, which use a mixture of gauged challenges, teamwork and discipline fitness training; utilising traditional training methods such as calisthenics, roadwork, kettlebells and combat sport (genuine boxing and Muay Thai). There is an end game – improvement from start to finish, and placed in camp structure.

Boxing Boot Camp falls into the third category.

Secondly, Boxing Boot Camp is a boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing fitness and conditioning based program. Other bootcamps may offer ‘boxing’ as such, but the Stone Training Boxing Boot Camp offers genuine boxing training; whereby participants learn and apply practical boxing skills.

Boxing Boot Camp is Boxing – NOT simple Boxercise
Boxing Boot Camp implements real boxing. Simple as that. Other fitness programs merely go through boxercise training – completely missing the opportunity in which practical boxing and Muay Thai training can provide. Commandos from the British Royal Marines go through intense boxing training to the level of sparring trained boxers. This training teaches them the physical and mental benefits of combat sport training. Boxercise classes can provide an aerobic workout, but lack the challenging combination of anaerobic and aerobic (energy systems) training, the ‘fight or flight’ pressure of defence/counter attack and the importance of a lead hand jab, all of which genuine boxing training can provide. The practical training of the FightFit Boxing method also encourages the benefits of agility, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, reaction time and confidence.  Overall fitness from genuine boxing training exceptionally exceeds that of boxercise training; therefore participants of Boxing Boot Camp become warriors of society.

How Boxing Boot Camp developed
After several years of operating Boot Camp style programs for different organisations Gavin Stone saw it was time to establish an independent military inspired combat sport program. In doing so he spent a year (2009) in Thailand where he trained at the traditional Muay Thai camp K.R.S. Gym in Ubon Ratchathani. In Thailand Gavin learned the virtues of focused and discipline training as well as functional technique – which is included in the Boxing Boot Camp. Gavin also trained at MTP Gym (Muay Thai) in Bangkok in 2011 – along with a training visit to K.R.S. Gym. Personnel from the British Royal Marines were also consulted and trained alongside in commando training methods. The recent development of the FightFit Boxing concept and emerged out of the search for a consistent, functional form of boxing performance training which can be applied to boot camp style training. FightFit Boxing is applied in the Boxing Boot Camp.

A boxing fitness training program set in a boot camp structure. Participants will increase levels of fitness utilising boxing training methods, as well as learn and apply basic boxing skills in a non intimidating environment. The Boxing Boot Camp through Gym Victus is a unique boot camp program. Sessions will primarily take place outdoors in the scenic setting of Parkes Place, Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin. Boxing Boot Camp is the ultimate, results based boot camp fitness program.
Boxing Boot Camp is a fitness training program of Gym Victus
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